Décentrale House Conventions

The D├ęcentrale serves as a hub for projects that encourage a society free of authoritarian belief, self-organising in decentralised and bottom up governance structures. You are welcome to stay here when you are participating in a workshop or retreat.

Be aware that this space is vegan when you plan and purchase the ingredients for your meal.

Help to recycle! PET, glas, aluminum foil and cans belong in the recycling (by the fire house near the tennis). Newspaper and magazines, as well as carton boxes, needs to be collected and brought down to the community recycling area in St-Imier. Other plastic, paper and cartons belong in the garbage. Black garbage bags always need to go into yellow bags that cover the garbage tax.

Like every self-organized space, we demand you to clean your own dishes and to organize the different cleaning tasks with other participants. If you are sleeping here, a staff member will help you find a free space. Please make sure you use bed linen, which you will find in the middle cabinet on the first floor. The day of your departure, please bring your bedsheets down to the laundry and make sure you clean your room and the spaces you used.

May 2015, updated April 2021